Few homeowners have not yet heard about the dangers of radon. One can hardly pick up a magazine or turn on the TV without being confronted by a report on radon being found in one place or another. In recent report presented by www.swatradonutah.com, it was found that in the state of Utah almost half of the population lives in potential radon contaminated zones, which is to say nearly a million and half people who could potentially have their health at rick from radon exposure. The best tool in the fight against radon remains prevention and the pressing urgency with which government and private radon experts are attempting to educate the public about the importance of early radon detection is growing. In this short article we will explain to our readers the reasons why early radon detection is the best way to avoid radon issues, and how early radon abatement can save property owners a lot of time and potential damage to their health.

The most obvious reason why radon abatement is so important from the start is that radon’s toxic elements are worse for people the longer they are exposed to them. Some people still have the idea in their head that if they have radon on their property then they are already at risk of getting sick from it, so there is no sense in taking action. In fact, recent studies have shown that early radon remediation can drastically decrease the possible risks to health which are associated with prolonged radon exposure. Each year that a person lives in an a rea where radon can be found in the soil or air, their chances of developing an illness related to radon climb considerably. The most essential thing anyone can do in order to avoid radon sickness is get their property tested early on for radon, and then begin radon mediation efforts as soon as possible if radon is found on the property.

Another reason why radon abatement must be taken care of quickly is the heightened risk of radon spreading if it is not contained. Radon abatement isn’t just about reducing the occupant’s exposure to harmful radon chemicals; it is also about containing and isolating the radon so it can’t spread to other areas. A person may responsible under the law if their radon contamination leeks to another person’s property and causes them to become sick. In several high-profile cases that made national news last year; companies and individuals were sued after they failed to properly isolate their radon contamination zones, and radon spread to neighboring properties. People that find radon on their land must seek abatement within 90 days of the discovery, and there are many states which require that property owners report finding radon to their local city officials so that others in the area may be warned of their own possible radon situation. By seeking radon abatement early on, you not only protect your own property and family, you also help to protect everyone else in the area.

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