When to Call a Residential Electrician

When it comes to matters related to electricity, one should always be careful. Some people might think that basic electricity work at the house can be done alone without calling the electrician, but that is where you make the biggest mistake. Electrical works within a house is a risky job and only an expert must look into the problem and solve the issue.

A residential electrician is a person who looks into matters of electrical work only for residential places. They are well equipped and trained to look into electrical concerns of the house like connection faults, fuse issues, bulbs, lights or even electrical appliances connected within the house. This article would give you a clear idea of when to call a residential electrician without trying to fix it by yourself.

Voltage Fluctuation

If you find that the voltage within your house is fluctuating on a regular basis, then it is the right time to call a residential electrician before something burns out. Fluctuation in voltage can be identified by flickering light, lights turning dim and brings at irregular moments, or high power appliances not working but the basic lights are on. This problem can either be caused because of some fault in the main power line or some issue around the meter box.

Warm Switch

Some of us while trying to turn a switch off must have felt an unusual warmness on that particular switch. Out of curiosity, you might have even checked other switchboards but only one of them is hot. This case requires an immediate call to a residential electrician. A switch can only get hot when there is a fault in the wire or worse, the switch wires must be burning.

Absence of a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

In simple terms, a ground fault circuit interrupter can be considered as a switch which immediately turns off the main circuit board when it finds unequal current flowing through the circuit board. GFCI protects a number of appliances in the house from getting short-circuit. In case of an absence of a GFCI, the house appliances might get damaged, or worse, there can be a case of burning, fuse or burst of any electrical board.

Loose Wires

Loose wires are the most dangerous things to be around. If you find any loose wires within the house, even if it is out of anyone’s reach, call a residential electrician to fix it. In such a case, the first thing you should do is shut the main current board and wait for the residential electrician to come and look into it.

Switches or Appliances Giving a Shock

If by any change you experience a slight shock through some switch or any appliances, it is a serious matter. If anything is giving shock over plastic or other material, that means that there is a loose connection somewhere and it is passing a high current. Call a residential electrician to check into the matter.

If you experience any of the above mentioned issues or have found something usual within the electrical circuit or any wires within the house, then call Piper Electric. Piper Electric has trained residential electricians to deal with any domestic electrical issues.

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