This is why vegans love healthy prepared meals

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Veganism has seen a real spark in popularity over the last few years.Though it has been around for decades, a new generation of activists and environmentally conscious people have begun to see the benefit that a vegan diet can have not only for their bodies and health, but for the planet as whole.

It is probably safe to say that now, more than in the past, the options for vegan eaters has increased in a huge way. When in the past vegans were made fun of for only “eating lettuce”, now there are plant-based recreations and versions for virtually anything from chicken wings to cheese to sour cream. With so many more options and ways of experimenting with delicious, plant-based food, it is no wonder that vegans have been huge advocates of meal prepping and healthy prepared foods.

One thing that is true about vegan or vegetarian diets is that they take a little bit of work to get right. Sometimes, vegans need to be a bit more creative, especially when they are trying to recreate a favorite dish of theirs from before they went vegan. For example, instead of mixing a box of processed mac and cheese when they want a little comfort food, a vegan would instead have to make their own cheese. While there are vegan cheese options you can buy at the grocery store, many of them are also highly processed and vegans do not generally like to cook with them if they can avoid it. Instead, a healthier, whole food option is preferable. One of the most popular cheese substitutes is made from boiling potatoes and carrots and mixing them in a blender with plant based milk, jalapenos, spices and nutritional yeast. The result is a cheesy, creamy, somewhat spicy substitute for cheese that pairs great with noodles, but in a much healthier way.

As you can see, this prep is much more involved than simply mixing some butter and milk and a powdered cheese packet and that is one of the biggest reasons why vegans appreciate meal delivery. When meals are prepped or delivered, they can save a lot of time on having to create different sauces or substitutes.Instead, it is far easier to have larger batches of these staples or meals delivered that have already done the work for them.

Seitan is a popular meat substitute for vegans, but the process of making it is extremely time consuming. Instead, when companies like The Prep Shop can deliver healthy meals to the door, so much time is saved, but health and flavor are not sacrificed.

The bottom line is, veganism is good for the planet and good for the human body, and for those who choose to follow a vegan diet, they should not be punished for doing so by having to work exponentially harder to eat the way they want to.

Instead, meal delivery and meal prep can help them to always have the staple foods they need on hand so that they can continue making healthy meal decisions and following the type of diet they believe in.

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