If you would like to place an order, call us at 540-854-4159.

Paula can take your order, if you know what you would like.  If you want to discuss your order or inquire about availability, you will need to speak to Brian, Carolyn or Paula.  Usually someone can come to the phone right away, but occasionally, you may get the answering machine.  Just leave a message and we will call you back!

We ship FedEx 2nd Day Air on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Orders need to be placed by 5pm the day before shipping. Aged cheese travels very well – we ship in insulated containers with ice packs to protect from possible environmental abuses.  However, we do not want the cheese in transit over the weekend.
We expect you to be satisfied in every way with your order — cheese, packaging, and shipment.  Look at the cheese when you receive it and call us if you note a problem.  If you were expecting the cheese on a certain day and it doesn’t show up, call us the day the cheese is supposed to arrive, so we can track it.  Please don’t wait until several days later – cheese is perishable.  If it is delayed or delivered to the wrong place, it may be no good or lost or eaten by someone else unless found quickly!
Shipping and Handling
We ship FedEx since they have always been reliable for us.  2nd day will bring you the cheese at top quality at a good price.  If you want to sign for the delivery, tell us. Otherwise, FedEx will leave the package.
Your shipping charges will include the packaging materials as well as the actual FedEx rate.  If you have a FedEx number and would prefer being billed by FedEx directly, please let us know in advance of your order being shipped.

Discuss your preferred shipping date when placing the order. Except in the late winter and early spring, we can ship your order the next Monday or Wednesday after receiving it.  If you leave a message on the machine or place an order via email and would like us to confirm receipt of the order, please let us know.

Terms of Payment:

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.  If you would like to set up an account with us, call or email to arrange.

Your Satisfaction is our Prime Concern.
Let us know if your cheese is not received the day it is supposed to be delivered.  The sooner we know, the quicker we can find the cheese, while it is still in good condition.  If you have questions or comments about the quality of a cheese received, please call and ask to speak with Brian, Carolyn or Paula.
At Everona, we aim for complete Customer satisfaction.  If you are not completely happy with your purchase, we want to hear about it.  Let us know if something is wrong and we will do what we can to make it right.
Do you have any questions? 
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