Our Cheeses

On this page you will find the cheeses we offer as part of our main product line.  Our cheeses are available in large wheels and cut-to-order.  Some of our cheeses also come in small wheels.  Please inquire for quantities and availability.  Also, as new types or styles of cheese become available, you will find them here!  Explore varieties below.



Piedmont, our signature cheese, won the Farmhouse category for sheep’s milk cheese at the American Cheese Society’s annual competition in 2005.  It is the first cheese we produced, and is always extremely popular. Tasting notes describe it as nutty, with fruity tones, and a wonderful aftertaste. If you have never had our cheeses, it is a great one to try first.

Everona Piedmont – Sheep’s milk cheese aged to a perfection of taste – nutty flavor, even flowery, with a slight tang and earthy aftertaste characteristic of good sheep’s milk cheese.







Small wheels average 1-1/2 pounds and large wheels average 6 pounds.

Our signature cheese
 Stony Man


Stony Man was a new creation in 2005, and took 3rd Place for Aged Sheep’s Milk Cheeses at the American Cheese Society Competition in Portland, Oregon!  It is made with a different culture, designed to be heated to a higher temperature when being made, so it has a smooth, dense texture and more pronounced flavor. As it ages, it forms a great sweet finish.



Available in the larger 6 pound wheels

New in 2005


Shenandoah was created in 2008 by Pat and Carolyn. It is a  Swiss-Style cheese which is know for is tangy flavor, swiss texture and unforgettable taste. In 2009 Shenandoah recieved a Bronze award in the United States Cheese Contest. The Shenandoah also place TENTH in the WORLD in 2010 at the World Cheese Championship!
 Pride of Bacchus
ACS prize winner, Pride of Bacchus is made from our signature Piedmont, soaked in lees from Early Mountain Vineyard in nearby Madison.  It has abeautiful burgundy rind and a smooth texture in the center. The nutty flavor of the cheese mixes well with the fruitiness of the wine.  
 Cracked Pepper
Our Piedmont cheese with the added zing of fresh-cracked black peppercorns throughout adds zip to this Everona classic.


Our Other Cheeses:
Most of these specialty cheeses speak for themselves, but please call for more information if you have questions!

Inquire about availability of other varieties:


Beer Washed – hand-washed with beer and hops from the bottom of the carboy, hand eating is best


Cheddar – ripening slowly for over a year, limited quantities are now available


Chocolate Torta – a nice surprise for the chocolate lover


Dill, Chive, Sage, Tomato Torta, Bay Leaf, Saffron – small wheels only, limited quantities


Earthquake – our newest, and selling well, inspired by the Virginia  earthquake last summer–all of the first batch went to a commercial  buyer in California to whom Carolyn, our cheese maker, was talking when the earthquake hit.


Herbes de Provence – classic Herbes de Provence spices are added at the end of the make–snacks, appetizer course,  shredded over a salad or vegetable


Marble – our very dressy cheese with a layer of vegetable ash marbling the middle: ash sweetens the cheese so it tastes milder and is therefore a good cheese for someone who is hesitating


Mountain Run Swiss-Style: a Swiss-style cheese with multiple tiny eyes. The cheese has a Swiss flavoring as well as being tangy and fruity


Piedmont Reserve – aged six months or more, limited supply, flaky, drier with mouth filling taste, may have tyrosine crystals – very special, check price


Skyline and Blue Ridge:  camembert style with blue on the outside, the way blue used to be made; not as strong a blue flavor for wider appeal;  The Blue Ridge is the smaller version, about 1 ½ pounds and is almost liquid at warm room temperatures.  Both have an “addictive” taste Suggest: cocktails, lighter whites, or reds


Smoked Piedmont – real hickory smoked Piedmont – many uses, hand-eating, pasta, sandwiches, on steaks from the grill, with antipasta


Williamsburg – Named in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Williamsburg Farmer’s Market, our newest semi-hard cheese is creamy and complex with cheddar like sharpness and distinct peppery notes. Good melting qualities make it an excellent cooking cheese.  Suggest: desert wines, coffee, dark sweet beers

Fresh Sheep Cheese from Everona Dairy:


FreshStart – a mozzarella-style cheese that melts beautifully and has a great taste.

Pressed Ricotta – this hand-pressed creamy sheep’s milk ricotta has a delicious taste and is the perfect accompaniment for your favorite foods



Assorted Cheeses Ripening in the “Cave”
As you can see, we have quite a variety.   However, we sell more Piedmont than any other kind, possibly because it was our first cheese thirteen years ago and is the most well-known. We have shown it more often; therefore, we have won more prizes with this lovely cheese!