More than our cheese! We have created the special food items below as the perfect accompaniment for Everona cheese. You will also find soaps and skin cream made from sheep’s milk, wool blankets, wool socks, luxurious sheep skins, yarn and roving. All these items are typically available year-round. Confirm availability when ordering.

Currently, we make 4 varieties of membrillo. Membrillo is a fruit and nut spread that enhances the flavor of the cheeses. Our varieties include: Cranberry and Pecans, Fig and almonds, Peach/Cherry and filburt nuts, and Apricot/Cherry and filburt nuts with nutmeg and ginger for added flavor. Served in the center, the membrillo provides both elegance and taste to your cheese plate.


Rapidan Spread
Rapidan Spread is an olive tapanade which pairs well with our crackers. It is made with black olives, green olives, pimentos, olive oil, spices, and our delicious Everona cheese. Email us and ask us for other recipes using Rapidan Spread, or tell us one of your own!

Our crackers also pair nicely with our cheeses. They are light and thin, in order to serve as flavor enhancers rather than to overpower the cheese. Currently we have 6 varieties our crackers, which include: Market (butter) Crackers, Cocoa Crackers, Herbes de Provence Crackers, Corn Spice Crackers, Cinnamon Crackers, and Oat Wheat Crackers.
Everona Skin Cream
Made with real lanolin to help your skin be as soft as a newborn lamb.  Stops cracks, dryness and flaking, with cocoa butter and olive oil for softness and zinc oxide for healing.

Decorative Sheep’s Milk Soap
Several soaps are available, hand-made from sheep’s milk.  Our pale yellow unscented soaps have a natural clean soap fragrance and are made entirely from milk (without water) enriched with select added ingredients (olive oil, aloe vera, pure lanolin). Long valued as a natural cleansing agent, milk soap is particularly gentle and healing for the skin and without drying properties.  It usually can be used even by those who may have allergies to other milk products.  

Wool Blankets
Made from our sheep’s wool, these Everona beautiful blankets come in lap, twin and queen sizes by our weaving partner in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Wool Socks
Also made from our wool, Everona knee-high wool socks will keep your feet warm all winter:  just right for a cold night.  Machine washable.

Tanned Sheepskins
Everona Dairy has a small number of beautiful dark brown or white tanned sheep pelts for sale. Great for a chair or sofa, wall hangings, decorative rugs, or simply to cushion the floor for a baby.

Yarn and Roving
Everona yarn & roving will give you a wonderful starting point for your hand-made clothing & crafts.  Completely natural, with no dyes added, both are available in white, black and silver-gray. Use the yarn for knitting and roving for needle felting, wet felting and many other crafts such as braided rugs & more.  You can also use the roving to spin your own yarn.   For ideas, tips or more information, Paula will be glad to help you.

By the fireplace during lambing time
Our dogs are all working dogs
Coffeebean, with a young lamb
Our Border Collies are essential partners in the business and get in all the hours they can helping. They are registered with the ABCA and have the intelligence and biddability of good working dogs.  We raise two or three litters of pups a year.  Pups are raised in the house and are well socialized.
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