The modern commerce sector requires excellent products combined with innovative approaches for reaching more customers. No matter what a company provides its clients, and how good that service may be, the real key to success is the ability to expand the client base. Online product development is currently the single best way that companies can reach more people from all around the world. In fact, most business experts now believe that without effective online product development it will be increasingly difficult for modern companies to stay alive. It doesn’t matter if a company has a whole team of people working within the business to create online product development, or if they hire an outside consulting agency such as,; someone has to be working to get a product expanding on the web. Below we will look at how online development can expand a company in so many different ways.

The most important thing that online development can do for companies today is create product awareness. The days of TV and magazine commercials are over; companies that want to reach the masses and let them know they exist have to have a serious online presence. A company may go through the process of design and prototyping and come out with an amazing product that could bring huge success to their company, but if product awareness isn’t created, products will just end up sitting on shelves and collecting dust. Business people have to be smart and get in touch with ways to create a need for a product which people may not have any idea they need until they hear about it. Expanding the number of people that fit into a customer base is almost more important than the product itself. Finding a great product and then going out and creating a need in the hearts of the consumers is the best way to become a mega success today.

Online product development will bring your products or services to places that you never even dreamed could be major customers. There are countless stories of small companies that were selling a decent amount of product here in the USA, and then through the power of online product development they stumbled into a huge need for their product, and sales blew up. One case in particular is of an air purifying system made by a company in Texas. For several years the Texas company had around fifty thousand dollars a year in sales. After a new product development specialist began to expand the online marketing, things changed quickly. Online shoppers in South Korea, where the market for air purifiers is gigantic, suddenly started ordering from the Texas company. The next year the air purifying maker had gone from fifty thousand in sales, to almost three million. The business world is filled with stories like these of companies that find their sales numbers exploding after online product development threw them into a market they didn’t even know existed. Developing online presence will make it possible for a company to maximize its potential sales all across the world.


Welcome to our Everona Dairy Website! 2013 is our 15th year of business. We make several aged sheep’s milk cheeses in the Piedmont of Virginia. The Piedmont region of Virginia is the foothills of the ancient and beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Everona is atop a limestone ridge with its delicious sweet water, and is covered by the rich red Piedmont soil that grows lush and tender grasses. Look through our site and call to place an order or to discuss your needs.

Our Weekend Markets


Charlottesville City Market

7:00 am to noon

King George Farmers Market

8:00 am to noon

Vienna Farmers Market

8:00 am to noon

Williamsburg Farmers Market

8:00 am to noon


Dupont Circle Fresh Farms Market

8:30 am to 1 pm

Browse our selection of farmstead cheeses and gifts on line and then call or email to place your order:
(540) 854-4159


Get to know us better!

You can call us anytime for more information!

Everona Dairy
23246 Clarks Mountain Road
Rapidan, Virginia 22733

Pat Elliott, founder and matriarch, has passed the legacy of Everona Dairy to her son, Brian Wentz. Now owner of the Dairy, Brian and his wife Carolyn, master cheesemaker, carry forward the legacy of her exquisite artisanal sheep’s milk cheese.

Brian and the Everona team are thankful to customers and friends and look forward to working with you in years to come.

Keep in touch by visiting Everona Dairy on facebook and liking our latest status!

Artisanally Made Farmstead Cheese

Aged, unpasteurized Sheep’s Milk Cheese


Everona Piedmont – our signature cheese – Sheep’s milk cheese aged to a perfection of taste – nutty flavor, even flowery, with the sweet aftertaste characteristic of good sheep’s milk cheese.



Everona’s First Blue Cheese!

Our Blue Ridge is a soft, spreadable, almost liquid center inside and is ideal for eating on bread or crackers. It is highly perishable and only available in limited quantities.

Cheese Store Now Open

Call to schedule your visit!

The creamery is open! Call today and schedule a tour. You may make an appointment for $20.00 per person and you will be able to enjoy a tour of the farm, a tasting, and you will have the opportunity to watch the cheese being made. The children would love a visit where they can see the sheep and the baby lambs (and we let them come for free).

Not only is the farm fun to tour but the Piedmont area in Virginia is beautiful with lots of things to do.


Come visit our creamery and watch the cheese being made!

Kickboxing classes Relieve A Lot of Stress

Some of the goals that an individual may have may be able to come to life, during a hardcore kickboxing class. It may be very likely that they have personal health goals that they want to be able to reach. This is one of those things that a lot of people are really scared of doing. The reason may be a little bit different for every individual. These are going to be the things that will drive them make a difference.

The idea of being able to get so many different benefits out of a single fitness class is really a great feeling for a lot of people. The levels of intensity can really be determined by the type of fitness challenge that you have actually signed up for. It is up to those individuals to be able to get an idea of the fitness classes that will be the most suitable for them.

Everything that is done during these fitness classes will really make a difference in the near future. Some things will come a lot easier than others. Some people may have heard about a fitness class where there is a lot of dancing involved. The thing is that this is not one of those types of classes. Do not get me wrong, there still may be a level of fun in a Centennial boot camp; however it will be a little bit more intense.

There will be a lot of heavy duty exercises. It is usually a lot more engaging for people to join a fitness class with someone that they can go to them with. This is also a great way to have a good level of encouragement. The individual that you decide to join a fitness class with should be someone that you can rely on to motivates you. Especially on the days that you really need motivation, those people should be there for you.

In many different cases, people need to start referring to all of the things that drive them to take control of their health. These are just some of the many different types of classes that will become a really good tool for fitness. A lot of times, people tend to forget about the importance of working out. The idea of working out is to get your heart rate up and then begin burning fat.

After all of the fat is burned off of the human body, the body will begin to tone the muscles that were beneath that fat. It is always going to be a really good idea to be able to get a good understanding of what a cardio class all entails. There are going to be a lot of things that will need to be looked at, in order for them to be good kickboxing classes.

One of those things may include a long lasting impact on the participant’s lives. This could simply mean that the people who are going to be looking into all of the different processes will really know about their own health.